Electric Meter Reading Handbook 1st Edition
Electric Meter Reading Handbook 1st Edition

An electric meter reading handbook is now available for the training of  meter reading professionals. The
handbook should be utilized by apprentice linemen, linemen, utility managers, meter readers, billing clerks,
meter coordinators and any person responsible for the correct billing of utility customers. An excellent
meter reader training manual.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
About this handbook acknowledgements 3
Introduction 4
Reading Dial Type Meters 5
Difficult To Read Meters 6
Reading Cyclometer and Solid State Meters 7
Reading Demand Meters 8
Demand Meters 9
Resetting Demand Meters 10
Reviewing Accounts and Misreading Meters 11
Meter Reading Map and Door tags 12
Meter Reading Safety 13
Useful Meter Reading Products 14
Illegal Service Taps 15
Unusual Meter Reading Problems 16
Unusual Meter Reading Problems 17
Meter Reading Practice 18-35
Meter Reader Tests And  Books